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Unearthly - Cynthia Hand I never expected this book to be that good. I have quite read a few novels whose concept were angels but nothing is so well-thought and excellent than this book. It was indeed riveting.

And I had to admit that I was really captured by the stunning cover. Honestly, I was in hesitation at first because I thought that it would just be the cover I would love and the story would not meet my expectations. But Cynthia Hand proved me wrong. It was more than just a good read.

What made me love the book was the different take on angels and the well-written romance. The mythology of the book was different that it came out new and mesmerizing. I just want more of the mysterious Black Wings and more history of the Angel-bloods.

The romance, indeed, was one of a kind. Hand proved to be a great romantic writer. The love triangle of this book was the most riveting of all.

The characters also had me in too many emotions. They were well-developed and their dialogues really showed me who they are. One is Clara. I really did admire her. She was lovable at the same time a refreshing character. She was strong, and radiantly beautiful inside and out. She was just your typical teenage girl, sweet, loving, cute but with that paranormal aspect. But some characters were a little bit bland for me too, like Christian, the boy from Clara's visions. Hand made me not think of him when he went to New York, and focus more on Clara and Tucker's summer romances. Perhaps, Hand made Christian quite not knowing so she could write more of him in the next books. I hate to say this but I admired her for giving me cliffhangers because she left me wanting for more.

In total, the story was very unpredictable. Clara moved from California to Wyoming to get to fulfill her Purpose of saving a guy from a forest fire but I just never thought that she will end up with Tucker. I thought that she would end up saving Christian, and live happily ever after; but it became different after the last three chapters. How I love twists and turns!

There are still so many questions that need quick answers. And I can't wait for the next book.

Unearthly is the book you can't really put down. It is the book you would really admire in your book shelf. It is an outstanding, unpredictable read. Cynthia Hand really is a natural Angel-blood. I was held captive by her book.

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