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Frozen - Erin Bowman Give me a moment of silence here because I'm still unable to function well after reading Frozen. Let me just tell you though: Erin Bowman is a genius! That's all for now! Stay tuned for a thorough review of this unbelievable sequel on the release day!

Uprising (Children of the Gods) (Volume 2)

Uprising - Jessica Therrien Like a moth drawn into firelight, Uprising immediately pulled me in with nothing but the impulse to consume it. Like a moth drawn into firelight, I was not prepared for what I would encounter until it was too late before I discovered what Uprising did to me.

After my initial acquaintance and fascination to another reimagined world of Greek mythology, Therrien presents a more complex, more intense, and more gripping premise with the second installment of her Children of The Gods series. When I began to read the book, there was no need to be reintroduced to its setting or its characters. My mind completely plunged into the book until I didn't realize I was brought to a more chaotic side of its world. Despite its sometimes slow and steady pace, Uprising floods with different elements all happening at once: heart-stopping actions, shocking discoveries, and appalling scenes. I couldn't take my eyes off Uprising, not even for once.

Apart from the enthralling premise of Uprising, let’s not forget the sensational characters that brought this series with life. If Elyse was once a hermit who rather tucks herself inside her shell, this time, Elyse is presented as a stronger character as she accepts the responsibility to lead a rebellion and change the course of the future of the Descendants despite the struggles and circumstances she’s undergoing especially with her relationship with William. Kara, one of my favorite characters, just blew me away and I still want more of her especially with the new friend that female readers will swoon over. New characters both allies and enemies are introduced as well as they take out the best and worst in Elyse and William’s relationship and their individual lives while readers will try to weigh things out among those who has the best of intentions, those who are just playing along, and those who has the worst of intentions.

But what truly made this book remarkable is the romance. It is lovelier the second time around yet it’s not what it seems to be at first. The romance was powerfully and affectingly delivered not until Therrien dramatically tossed in an unforeseen climax which I really believe will crush anyone’s heart. Mind you, this is only one of the heartbreaking moments in Uprising. Readers should prepare themselves for this book. Expect not only action-packed scenes but expect tons of emotional and heartbreaking scenes as well throughout the book. Therrien definitely knows how to play with her reader’s emotions.

In this much awaited second installment to the Children of The Gods series, Uprising will pull readers into a world that now crackles with flaming defiance, where stakes are higher, and the dangers are closer than ever. It explodes with an uprising of different emotions and thoughts that an author like Jessica Therrien could give. If you loved Oppression, you will love Uprising more. Hence, readers will be clamoring for more just as I am.
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In the After

In the After - Demitria Lunetta Science fiction is probably one of the many genres with a huge market. In such a crowded market, it’s always riveting to find newer concepts or unique themes that authors could offer but only a few of them manages to pull it off. Demitria Lunetta’s debut novel is not far from that fact.

Set in another fear-provoking world, Lunetta devised a surprisingly remarkable science fiction thriller that involves one of the disturbing science fiction themes—aliens. It has been a while since I’ve encountered the grotesque beings on a novel. Based on my experiences as a reader, few have succeeded to capture the shuddering vision of an outside invasion through a book, but Lunetta’s version is unbelievably convincing and different. In The After offers more than a shudder and more than the frightening thought of aliens. There is a far greater danger and fear that Lunetta definitely had managed to produce—a single, huge, openmouthed twist that will totally ruin any of your initial allegations, beliefs, and theories.

Aside from the chilling thought of the world being ravaged by aliens, it is the almost true-to-life journey of Amy and Baby to survive in the terrifying After that really sent me a gamut of emotions. Within the first ten chapters, I instantly developed a connection with Amy and Baby—a connection impossible to cut. It’s a struggle to me to see Amy and Baby, despite their early loss of innocence, courageously fight for their lives and what is left of the world. With Amy’s eloquent and vivid descriptions, I could really feel the dominating darkness, fear, hopelessness, hunger, isolation, and silence that surrounded them (not to mention the aliens). In spite of all their struggles and sorrows, they share something inspiring that will never ever vanish from the world: their heartfelt sisterly love. If I could just practically leap into the pages of the novel to get Amy and Baby out from the vicious imagination of Demitria Lunetta, I would have done so even before the beginning. I admit, I want to hate Lunetta for creating such harsh world for two endearing characters but at the same time I want to praise her for creating two heartrending, realistic, and gutsy characters that deeply touched my emotions and stayed with me long after I turned the last pages.

Another aspect that I can’t help to bring out is the romance. Despite the fact that falling in love is the least important thing to do in an alien-infested world, readers can expect a dash of romance here and there. At some cases, the small amount of romance thrown felt forced and rush to me; like it needed a certain spark to be noticed; like it needed slow-moving moments for a more satisfying romance. Nevertheless, it didn’t lessen my enjoyment of the story and I know what Lunetta wants to pertain. Admittedly, it won’t matter to me if Amy falls in love or not as my anticipation for the next books mostly centers on her and Baby especially with the stunning heart-ripping ending.

Spectacularly entangled with confounding mysteries, surprising twists, breakneck actions, and a stirring tale of survival and friendship, In The After is a poignantly written unforgettable journey of an endearing duo as they confront a world roamed by terrible creatures with a shocking origin. It’s part post-apocalyptic, part dystopian, and part science fiction—possibly a first in the science fiction genre. This debut novel by Demitria Lunetta will surely keep readers constantly holding on to their breaths and their flashlights as they discover the human capacity to survive the bleakest of times. I for one am a witness to that.
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Taken - Erin Bowman Talk about a kind of story that you don’t read every day. Talk about a kind of story where everything you thought is not what it seems to be. Talk about mind-blowing.

At first glance, Taken is just your classic dystopian story: action-packed, fascinating, and intriguing. Nowadays, it is usual to find the same concept repeatedly readapted in the form of books or films particularly in science fictions. There’s the concept of fighters in an arena.There’s the concept of a rebellion or war where humans and robots or even clones are involve. There’s the concept of a world ravaged with calamities or a deadly virus. In Taken, Bowman impressively juggles varying science fiction concepts and elements that surprisingly and breathtakingly created an unsafe world that I believe is the worst case of a future ever designed, if not more--and yet I never expected to love.

But then there’s more to Taken than meets the eye.

Taken is not simply a dystopian book. Bowman intricately blends in mystery and suspense into the story as well--and how she brought them out (especially with the mystery behind the Heist and the Wall), literally left me openmouthed. She casted questions and secrets into the story that did not only make the characters doubtful about their identities, their pasts and what they believed to be but I was also thirstily tempted to dig out for answers that eventually turned the plot into an adrenaline-rushed and fast-paced storyline. At the same time, the mystery and suspense intensified the complexities of the story that literally made me cringe, eager, and jolt with every budding secret and every unexpected discovery. Thus, it’s really, really hard to put the book down.

As much as I enjoyed the world-building and the surprising twists in Taken, the characters also impressed me, Gray in particular. Bowman captures a male’s voice effortlessly and skillfully emotional. As a male, it surely helped me understand Gray. He maybe stubborn, impulsive, and sometimes selfish--very unlikeable traits--but that doesn't mean he’s unlikeable throughout the entire story. Actually, it helped and braved him to survive the atrocities he had in life especially with blow after blow of both lies and truths bombarded into him. Gray’s character may present a love-and-hate outcome to the readers but it just shows Bowman’s adept ability to craft believable and convincing characters.

Similarly, I couldn't help but admire the romantic side of the story. Bowman delivered an uncommon romance yet a powerful, complicated and almost tragic one that could affect a reader with flux of emotions and questions to ponder. Hence, I can’t wait on how the romance will evolve in the following books.

Erin Bowman's Taken is a perfectly imagined harrowing thought of the future. It’s a phenomenal book that uniquely blends past to present, and reality to science fiction. It’s addictive, dark, disturbing, unforgettable, and unpredictable making it one of the best dystopian books I've ever read. With that, I am craving for the next book and I am preparing for whatever surprises Bowman has up in her sleeves.

Ultimately, it’s as much as I can say but I shall forewarn you: once you enter it, get ready to be heisted, because there’s no escaping from its wall.
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Breaking Point

Breaking Point - Kristen Simmons All at once, Breaking Point stole my attention without even the tiniest doubts and care if this sequel surpassed or attained what the first book had given me. All I want is to devour it immediately and entirely with only one reason I always know since the beginning: to experience the cinematic and hyperventilating feeling all over again. And Breaking Point did not disappoint me at all.

Perfectly titled, Simmons ups the stakes and expands the world with the second installment to her brilliantly terrifying dystopian world making Breaking Point twice the wow its predecessor had given me. There’s never a dull moment in Breaking Point: tensions are higher, trepidations are all over the pages, and dangers are closer than ever. In other words, there’s no denying that I was in constant excitement every time I turned the pages.

But that excitement is not even enough to define everything about Breaking Point.

The characters of Ember and Chase are brought back to life with a more intriguing and more engrossing premise. There are more unexpected turn of events involve and more unpredictable developments as their characters hurtle through the core of an uprising. And as they come closer to it, secrets and lies slowly unmasks by each passing page as readers try to guess and weight between who the real allies are and who are not.

Despite the heavy and fast-paced plot, I love how Simmons beautifully brought the romantic plot slowly and steadily without losing the main objective of the story and also providing some touch of normality between all the action and cruelty. Unlike in Article 5, the integrated flashbacks now focus more of Ember and Chase’s love story with still few memories about Ember’s mother making the novel more upsettingly emotional.

Breaking Point is every dystopian reader’s dream—breathtaking, gripping, spectacular, cinematic—impossible to put down. From its first page to its very last page, Breaking Point is undeniably a roller coaster ride of action and adventure with danger, deceit, fear, grief, loss, love and survival at its core--only a dystopian like this series could give you such feelings and thoughts. It is without a doubt that Kristen Simmons has an undisputed talent in writing action-packed stories with a filmic attitude and style. Thereupon saying, I can sense a movie in the making.

But above anything else, I shall face the consequences of being a reader: the finale; the last; the conclusion; the ending to an amazing series you have grown to love. At the same time, I am prepared—prepared for whatever the cost will be.
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Unravel Me

Unravel Me - Tahereh Mafi
image image

Reading Unravel Me didn’t take me a day, two days, or three days to finish. It took me longer than what I expected. It took me more days of slow contemplation, more days of careful judgment, and more days of utter wonderment. And there were many only two reasons why. One, I wanted to absorb every word of every line of every page of this book. Two, it just happened that no warning sign was issued to me that Juliette’s tangible world immediately encompassed me and I couldn’t get out—so easily.

Once again, I was left blinded by Juliette’s Mafi’s beautiful and mesmerizing words. Ever since Shatter Me, I have become a solid fan of Tahereh Mafi simply because of how she carefully chose words and uniquely played with them that inexplicably resonate a thousand emotions. Even with her juxtaposition and tropes of themes—like death, fear, hope, love and redemption—to both living and non-living things plus the constant strikethroughs made this series a truly unique and breathtaking experience.

But as we all know, the strength of this series never stops there.

Let us not forget the stars of this series, the brightest indeed; the amazingly flawed characters of Juliette, Adam, Warner and Kenji. In Shatter Me, Mafi introduced us to them with partly missing and puzzling pieces of their lives and their personalities. This time, in Unravel Me, they’re almost too human to be considered as fictional characters. Mafi had unraveled them; amplified them. And it’s refreshing to see a side of them I never knew in Shatter Me. Mafi also brought out a new cast of characters that tested, ruined and took out the best in the four characters that made this journey worthwhile. Eventually, Mafi is not only a master of imaginative prose. She is also an author who could create characters in such a natural way that you will love them, hate them, scream at them and root for them as they come to terms of their own powers and their own destinies.

Unravel Me is, without a doubt, Mafi’s most gripping work yet. Mafi was able to keep yet outdid her style and skill in Unravel Me thus making it a stronger sequel than its powerful debut. She ambushed me with scenes both alluring and intoxicating, gunned me with words both beautiful and unforgettable, and bruised me with revelations both intensifying and shocking. Tahereh Mafi’s style of telling a story is just addictive, irresistible and at times magical. What makes it so are not just the harrowing story and the unique way she writes but by the way her characters are manipulated and prejudiced by love.

With the surprising turn of events in Unravel Me, I suppose Tahereh Mafi has something more in her sleeves and that I can’t wait to know. I’m just appalled that one day, Mafi will come out holding out the ending to my world to this series, only to taunt and to torture to amaze and to surprise me once again.
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The Peculiar

The Peculiar - Stefan Bachmann Amazing, breathtaking, gripping, incredible, magnificent, stupendous, wondrous..

There are so many good adjectives I find fitting for this book—just too many—that it left my mind almost impaired.

As what its name suggested, The Peculiar isn't a common fantasy story. Bachmann was able to carefully carve a Gothic, magical world into the human world balancing it with the elements of steam-powered technology. Thus comes off fresh, ingenious and unique. Even the dark portrayal of our favorite childhood magical creatures—fairies, elves, goblins, sprites—added to my peculiar amusement.

What more amuses me was how the world was written. The Peculiar world unfolds in your eyes like the most beautiful yet forbidding painting that slowly and colorfully comes alive with every brushstrokes. The world was too vivid that it almost like I’m rooted within the borders of every gritty alleys, within the walls of every dim-lighted houses, within the buildings of the wealthy Victorian London. As it turned out, this is a world I’ll never want to get out.

Along with its darkly beautiful world, Bachmann introduced an unforgettable cast of faces of both pleasantness and monstrosity. Each of their story made a mark in me. Each of their dialogues made a mark in me. Even their silly-good names were all unforgettable—Bartholomew Kettle, Mr. Arthur Jelliby, Hettie Kettle, Jack Box, Melusine, Mr. Lickerish—they all captivated and made a mark on me.

At a very young age, Bachmann has already championed with this one of a kind debut book. He had the skill, the imagination, and the prowess that mirrors that of J. K. Rowling and Roald Dahl. I couldn’t say anymore as I’m too speechless to go on. But mark my words and believe me when I say, this book will not only be every library’s best pick or a bestseller in every lists but will also capture the hearts and minds of every reader—children or adult alike. Stefan Bachmann could take it either as a compliment or a prediction. Either way, as long as he keeps writing, I’ll always be the first one lining for his books. With that in mind, I cannot wait for what’s next in this wonderful series.

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Provex City (The Lorne Family Vault, #1)

Provex City (The Lorne Family Vault, #1) - Michael  Pierce Family problems, love triangle, school drama, sibling rivalry. These are just themes that I find cliches and sometimes redundant in a Young Adult novel or better yet, in a teenager’s life; but in Provex City, I found them amusing, alive, and true.

What really drew me into this book were the characters. I truly could relate to them—especially that the point of view of this book was coming from a male. The story didn’t feel like fiction. As I’ve said, it felt real and true. Oliver was real. His friends—and girlfriends and enemies and frenemies—were real. His actions, decisions, and dilemmas were real. Sometimes, it felt like my story instead of Oliver’s.

However, there is more in Provex City than meets the eye.

Pierce also brought in magic into this book, literally. He brought in a magical world into the story. He brought in the magical properties of mystery and suspense which definitely helped with the growth of the story and the characters. Let’s not forget the magic of romance—a proven and tested formula that could hook a reader at once, which Provex City did to me.

Pierce was also clever to uncommonly combine the contemporary genre with fantasy, paranormal and science fiction genres—the best I’ve read so far.

I was never bored of this book. There is a lot happening in this book all at once. Sometimes, the unexpected ones come and you’ll just be amaze by them. Incredibly, I still couldn’t ponder how captivated I am with this book especially that the last three chapters gave me a blast—and yet again, literally.

Like me, readers will be guessing, guessing and guessing until they finish Provex City looking forward for more. Provex City is a very wonderful start for a new fantasy series which I guess there’ll be more moments of surprises, more indelible moments of love, and more of the City of Provex.

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Article 5: Compliance is Mandatory

Article 5 - Kristen Simmons Wow could already be an understatement for this book. But wow is the only word I could think of for Article 5.

Simmons brought me to another appalling and exciting world of dystopia. The world she built is one of the worst and the bleakest world ever written—even compared to the actual wars and worst events in the recorded history of mankind. It reminded me of the German Nazi and Martial Law in the Philippines but much worse. The world in Article 5 isn’t just an imagination. It was all too real for me—the corrupt government, the heartless soldiers, and the cruel acts. Simmons made me cringe and angry with the world she created. Thus, she crafted one of the best—and terrifying—dystopian books ever.

At the same time, it wasn’t easy to tear away from Article 5 especially with characters that are engagingly and vividly written. Ember and Chase both embody the classic dystopian characters: strong, willed, hopeless, and flawed. I loved how Simmons brought them together to fill each other’s needs. Simmons also captured the essence of both love and hatred to every character in the story. The level of romance she laid was neither too plain nor too much but at times complicated which left the next book more room for romance.

With every page, she managed to soak in different dystopian elements that had me promptly turning the pages, kept me up the whole ungodly nights, and heavily gasping for air: action-packed scenes, escalating tensions, perplexing surprises, and fast pacing.

At nearly four hundred pages, expect only the best in Article 5: pure action, pure adventure, and pure cruelty at its best.The world Kristen Simmons etched will stay long with you even after reading it. Even if you closed your eyes, images of war, death, guns, soldiers and maybe even Ember or Chase would linger on the back of your mind. It’s addictive. It’s irresistible. It’s unbelievable. I couldn’t ask for more.

Just like The Hunger Games and Divergent, Article 5 is undoubtedly a mind-blowing action-packed novel. All you need to do is grab it quick and read it quick or else you’ll get a citation for not doing so.

The False Prince: Book 1 of the Ascendance Trilogy

The False Prince - Jennifer A. Nielsen ALL I CAN SAY IS THIS:

Carnival of Souls

Untamed City: Carnival of Secrets - Melissa Marr Check out Mr. Book Wonder for more book reviews.

The instant the book landed on my hands, I was certain I would love it. And the instant I finished it, I didn’t just love it, I was rendered speechless.

In this latest imagination from Melissa Marr, she created one of the most macabre and horrifying fantasy books I’ve ever read. Even before you open the book to it’s first page, the front cover is just strikingly alluring that both curiosity and horror creeps into you. But Carnival of Souls isn’t just a daunting world that you would want to run from. As you get inside the book, expect magic, romance and lighthearted talks as well which Marr expertly weaved along with it’s dark-filled and chaotic atmosphere. It may seem ironic but it made Carnival of Souls more edgy, engaging, and exciting.

Along with the opulent story elements Marr perfectly matched, the wealth of admiring yet dangerous characters she introduced were huge foundations of the story. Readers will vie for their favorite characters that includes the naive, obedient Mallory; the beautiful, dangerous Kaleb; the brave, merciless Aya; and the quiet, romantic Belias plus supporting characters that you would want to know and love. Each one of them stood out evenly as they come to terms of their own secrets and struggles—and star-crossed romances. I even had a hard time choosing a favorite character. In fact, I am breathless in anticipation of what will happen next to these characters.

Indulge yourself in this dangerously exhilarating and delightfully enchanting new world of daimons and witches, of violence and order, of magic and love. Carnival of Souls is one of a kind that you would want to live inside of it even with its damned world. You don’t want to miss anything from Carnival of Souls.

Carrier of the Mark

Carrier of the Mark - Leigh Fallon Being a huge fan of elemental magic, Carrier of the Mark won my heart. It may not be obvious in the premise but little by little Carrier of the Mark sank into me. It was a totally engrossing read and never did I think that I’ll finish it in one sitting.

I totally loved Fallon’s fresh idea of elemental magic. She even combined it with Irish mythology that really set the world of Carrier of the Mark apart from other paranormal books. Though in the beginning, elemental magic remained a mystery, Fallon gradually threw the needed answers every turn of page. There weren’t any dull moments in this book. Everything was detailed and captivating. Fallon really knew how to draw a reader’s attention.

Fallon also captivated me with her style of writing. It wasn’t flowery but smooth and quick. Even as a debut author, she didn’t show simplicity when it comes to twists and turns because every once in a while there were moments that were unpredictable and left me thinking.

Almost all the characters in the story left a mark in me. I admired Megan’s character for showing developments in terms of being strong and fearless. She willed herself to protect her love for Adam from anything that could go their way. The other characters as well like Adam, Áine, and Rían also were likable. I liked how Fallon gave them elemental powers that really suited their attitudes.

Brace yourself for Carrier of the Mark. Leigh Fallon gave me an enchanting story yet so mysterious which slowly unfolds with every turn of page. Thus, this magical, romantic page-turner left me breathless for wanting more of this compelling, ambitious story.
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Farsighted - Emlyn Chand I didn’t really have the idea on how the book will came out to be. First, the story was written from a male standpoint. Second, he was blind. As a male reader, reading this book from a male point of view definitely drew me in but I didn’t know what to expect as the main character’s blind. However, Farsighted gave me the most intriguing read ever and only then I realized I was caught up with the whole story.

What I truly loved a lot about Farsighted is I got to experience the blind world. I got see what he saw. I got to feel what he felt. I got to hear what he heard. It’s really very, very unique and refreshing plus the added elements of psychic powers and other incredible abilities were enough for me to love Farsighted. Being blind was hard and perhaps writing it was definitely hard but Chand pulled it off as she crafted a story so vivid—even when you close your eyes. She greatly portrayed the story of a psychic blind person with complexity and persistence.

Hearing a male’s voice was definitely refreshing. It had been five years since I’ve read again from a male’s voice. Alex proved to everyone that despite his condition, he was solid and headstrong. Being blind was hard for him. He was bullied and made an outcast. But being blind, gave way to get attention from Simmi and Shapri. Aside from his parents, they were the only people in the world who became his close friends. Perhaps for Simmi, it’s much closer. Thus, Alex was as romantic as a normal guy could be. Chand created characters who I never thought would be my favorites. They were a bit bland in the beginning but the thoughts of blandness washed over as I notice the story gets exciting and engaging.

Chand relates everything to Greek mythology. The characters’ names, the relationship of Alex with his father, and the psychic powers. I also noticed that most of the story were Indian origin. Thus, Chand proves to be an author who can create a book with diversity of not only of culture but also of possibilities.

A story like this should definitely be on everyone’s shelves. I could really say that most of what other readers are looking for in a book definitely could be found in Farsighted. It’s a book of rarity and individuality. Emlyn Chand delivered a debut novel with so much to offer. Mystery, suspense, magic, and romance rolled into one great promising book.

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Oppression (Children of the Gods) (Volume 1)

Oppression - Jessica Therrien I never thought that this book would be so fantastic. As a huge fan of Greek and Roman mythologies, I didn’t have a hard time understanding Oppression. I think this book was blessed with Aphrodite’s beauty because I was completely in awe of it.

Oppression was immediate and easy to love. It was both compelling and fascinating. It was both mythic and exciting. There are so many good points in Oppression that I really could pinpoint. I loved the idea that the gods and goddesses weren’t literally gods but human in nature yet inherited incredible abilities. Plus the idea of a brewing war between the Descendants and the higher Descendants definitely showed that this story has so much to tell in the following books. Therrien’s great mixture of myth and dystopian definitely won me.

Therrien created as well a fresh batch of mythic characters. I loved Elyse’s character so much. For all of her life, she felt she was different. All she’d done was run and hide because of what she thought was an abnormality in her. I really felt her pain and anxiety when she had to avoid people. I felt her fear, loneliness, and sadness. But thanks to William, everything in Elyse’s life changed. And that’s when I found out that Elyse and William’s romance really caught me. I adored William too. He wasn’t the kind of guy you have to hate first before falling on him. I could really feel his love for Elyse. He was the kind of guy where you feel secured and cared.

Another character that I fell in love with was Kara. I loved her personality as being strong-willed. Kara was really one of the intriguing characters in the story. I wanted to see more of her, more of her incredible power, and definitely more of her story.

Oppression is a very good start for a beautifully weaved series. It left me wanting more. If you want a story with a handful of Greek mythology, a dash of infectious classic romance, and a cup of brewing war then Oppression is definitely for you.

Jessica Therrien is a debut author that could blow you away. She forged an outstanding, refreshing tale that could top every favorite books in the mainstream publishing.

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Touch of Power (Avry of Khazan 1)

Touch of Power (Healer #1) - Maria V. Snyder At first, I didn’t know what to expect. It’s been awhile since I had read a Fantasy book. After finishing Touch of Power, I was speechless. It caught me straight off and couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Snyder has a skill that could intricately put everything in their right places. She crafted a world so detailed, with clarity, and with brilliance from The Fifteen Realms to its smallest towns, from the Nine Mountains to the lilies. She knows how to charm her readers and I’m unquestionably one of the charmed ones.

Snyder also delivered a cast of very amazing characters. One was Avry whom I won’t consider a girl but a woman who showed no weaknesses at all—even for love. And I adored her for that. She was a perfect heroine for me. She was so strong and did what she had to do. She had a heart and a mind of her own. Yet Avry’s story wasn’t just her story. Other characters as well were creatively written with so much wit and prowess. Each one has a distinct color, appearance, and voice and what you just have to do is listen to them and let them play in your mind all at once. Even the villains were perfectly done. I got to hate them yet couldn’t help to love them at the end. Almost all the characters were so lifelike to me. Their developments as a character and their relationships with each other were also vividly told even though the story was from Avry’s standpoint.

Almost everything in this book caught my attention, not only the detailed world, not only the incredible characters, not only the twists I didn’t expect coming but also the romance that shocked me most. Kerrick was an insensitive, insolent man yet he gradually changed and made Avry fell in love with him. I knew from the beginning that they would end with each other but never did I thought that something pleasurable would happened to them at the end.

Behold the fantastic world of Touch of Power where everything you could imagine could happen in one sitting. It is a gripping, unpredictable read of magic, adventure, drama, treachery, deception, romance, name it, Touch of Power has it all. Snyder crafted a unique and unlikely read story that I could say one of my favorites for this year so far—perhaps my top favorite of all. Even though this is my first Maria V. Snyder book I assure you that this wouldn’t be the last.

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Delirium: The Special Edition

Delirium  - Lauren Oliver It’s frightening to know that a world without love could exist. It’s frightening to know that love could become both a disease and a crime. Yet Lauren Oliver created that world I did not expect to love.

I absolutely love the concept of Delirium. I was actually awakened with the flaws of love. Love could kill you because of envy. Love could lead to war if used in a harmful manner. Love could actually change your whole being. Oliver wrote it in a way not to fear love but to understand more about it, to see what is really happening when we fall in love and those were things that got me lured over Delirium.

I very much admired Lena’s character. She embodied the two different beliefs of love in Delirium—or even in our world today—the one longing to be cured from love and the other one unknowingly falling in love. Oliver really showed Lena’s heart and mind contradicting each other—as what is also happening to every human being when we get to fall in love.

I also loved how Oliver used Hana and Alex as instruments for Lena’s gradual transformation as a character. In Hana’s character, Oliver used her as her best friend who was also gradually changing yet didn’t flourish; thus, giving some contradicting feelings to Lena’s own beliefs in her society which was so much strong for her especially when she came to appraise her family’s past. Then when Alex’s character came, that was when the great change in Lena’s life came.

Another thing that sets this story apart was the forbidden romance between Lena and Alex. Their romance was natural and so much intriguing not the kind of awkwardness I feel in other books. They too are a beautiful reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet but much more.

Love is really a beautiful thing so does the words written in Delirium. It flowed endlessly like waterfall you can’t just stop and rather be carried away. Every passages in every chapters, every realizations of Lena, I can’t help myself not to forget all those things.

The story of Delirium was brilliantly and powerfully conceived. Right from the beginning, I was completely in utter amazement over Delirium. This book absolutely stole my heart include the unexpected ending that I can’t wait to find out what really happened in the following books. With every written word, with every turn of events, Delirium is a kind of tale which you can’t just let go. Lauren Oliver masterfully crafted a beautiful tale of love, friendship, and freedom.

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