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A Kiss in Time - Alex Flinn Since the hype of Beastly, both the book and the movie, which I haven’t yet read and seen, I was never hesitant on Alex Flinn’s works so I gave A Kiss in Time a go. This is the first Flinn book I’ve read.

It sure was a retelling of Sleeping Beauty and it was absolutely adoring and funny. The story was predictable and had a blithe nature. Flinn was creative enough to combine the past with the present.

I loved that Flinn wrote it in alternating standpoints of Jack and Talia. It made the book more fun and I could see the difference of points between the two especially that they were from different time and place. But the difference between them didn’t stop them from developing for each other. At any rate, they didn’t fall for each other the first time they met unlike the Sleeping Beauty I knew.

Of course, Talia and Jack were the characters I much loved. Talia was smart, beautiful, elegant, spoiled, and indeed, funny. And when she met Jack, she used to be wearing elegant gowns and now she had to wear clothes that showed girls’ stomachs. She got to use a phone, ride an airplane, and now had the chance to get to America, which she believed was a faraway land. Jack, on the other hand, was the prince Talia didn’t dream of. He was handsome, cute, but a bit snooty and rebellious. Their romance was really easy to predict but I couldn’t get off my mind that they weren’t meant for each other as they had their differences. At least, they lived happily ever after.

Admittedly speaking, I loved fairy tales since I was a child. Hence, A Kiss in Time was easy to love and easy to read. I enjoyed it so much because it is more than the typical Sleeping Beauty. It was diligently written adding numerous adventures and impish laughs. Flinn played well with the story like it’s her own story. You’ll never be disappointed by this book.

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