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Divergent  - Veronica Roth I’ve got three words for this book. Brave, bold, and brilliant. It’s an action-packed story that kept me up the whole ungodly night.

In this intriguing thought of the future, Roth had me in constant suspense. From the five idealistic factions who believed in different values yet had one thing in mind, to extinguish human faults; to the blossoming romance between Tris and Four. The build up of the story was incredible even after reading it. I can’t get this book out in my head (until at this moment). I was so fascinated by the book. Every flip to every pages, I have to pause and stare on the ceiling for about, an hour perhaps, imagining the brilliantly plotted world in my head.

Tris’ story was clearly written out. Her voice is also an incredible one. One of the original voices I’ve known. I wouldn’t say that Tris is a heroine to be reckoned as strong because as expected, heroes or heroines are always physically strong but emotionally weak or you can say the opposite. And I didn’t have a hard time of distinguishing who the friends or the fiends as Roth had written them very well with key factors of their personalities.

Scenes are clearly well-thought with expectations of violence in some parts. Of course, it made the book more mature yet highly-appropriate as this is a Dystopian book. This book is also unpredictable. I have to keep guessing on what will happen next but sometimes the unexpected comes. And the unexpected really made the book a great read.

I couldn’t put into words on how I love this book from the front cover to the last sentence of this book.

The bottom-line, Veronica Roth gave us a book which should be placed right next to The Hunger Games trilogy. I wouldn’t mind if I read this book again and again. Now it’s clear, that I’m addicted to this kinds of books. Totally moving, totally amazing, totally recommended, and totally cannot wait for the other books. Divergent is a debut novel which is not to be missed.

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