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Matched - Ally Condie I was never hesitant on reading Matched. Perhaps the cover and the hype fascinated me so much; plus that it’s Dystopian and Science Fiction, which are becoming my favorites since I’d read The Hunger Games trilogy. But Matched just didn’t live up to my expectations.

As much as I want to like Matched, there was something missing that I couldn’t grasp. Maybe, I’m used to books with lots of adventures and with fast pace story line. I think the problem of this book was the world building because it was quite bland and had me bored; yet Condie convinced me to dislike the appalling, idealistic Society and its Officials. Can you imagine a world where you are controlled from work to your food, from love until your death day? I couldn’t imagine how I would react if it happened today.

Cassia’s world might not have been my favorite but the romance was what drawn me to read it more. It was the main conflict of the story. I was so intrigued about Cassia and Ky’s developing feelings towards each other giving emphasis to the theme of rebellion in Matched as their romance was a forbidden act against the Society. It really sparked my interest of this book because Condie thought that what if a forbidden romance could be the beginning of an uprising. I think this is my first book read with that kind of element.

Another aspect of the book that I liked were the characters. Cassia’s character was far different from the characters of the same genre I’ve known. She’s more depth in terms of thinking and more emotionally independent. Xander and Ky were two typical characters you read every day in some books. One is your best friend while the other wields some mystery. I just need more of Ky’s story.

I also admired the impressive writing of Condie. Her words were full of emotions. It did remind me of Shakespeare and other classical authors. Condie thought outside the box. She didn’t stick to what is trending but made out her own.

Overall, I’m looking forward to the next book especially now that what Cassia believed was a perfect and happy world, was just an illusion meant to be destroyed.

Matched is a unique, romantic story with a lighthearted approach. Being a huge fan of Dystopian and Science Fiction, this may not be the best book I’ve read but I believe that this story has much more to tell.

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