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Unravel Me - Tahereh Mafi
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Reading Unravel Me didn’t take me a day, two days, or three days to finish. It took me longer than what I expected. It took me more days of slow contemplation, more days of careful judgment, and more days of utter wonderment. And there were many only two reasons why. One, I wanted to absorb every word of every line of every page of this book. Two, it just happened that no warning sign was issued to me that Juliette’s tangible world immediately encompassed me and I couldn’t get out—so easily.

Once again, I was left blinded by Juliette’s Mafi’s beautiful and mesmerizing words. Ever since Shatter Me, I have become a solid fan of Tahereh Mafi simply because of how she carefully chose words and uniquely played with them that inexplicably resonate a thousand emotions. Even with her juxtaposition and tropes of themes—like death, fear, hope, love and redemption—to both living and non-living things plus the constant strikethroughs made this series a truly unique and breathtaking experience.

But as we all know, the strength of this series never stops there.

Let us not forget the stars of this series, the brightest indeed; the amazingly flawed characters of Juliette, Adam, Warner and Kenji. In Shatter Me, Mafi introduced us to them with partly missing and puzzling pieces of their lives and their personalities. This time, in Unravel Me, they’re almost too human to be considered as fictional characters. Mafi had unraveled them; amplified them. And it’s refreshing to see a side of them I never knew in Shatter Me. Mafi also brought out a new cast of characters that tested, ruined and took out the best in the four characters that made this journey worthwhile. Eventually, Mafi is not only a master of imaginative prose. She is also an author who could create characters in such a natural way that you will love them, hate them, scream at them and root for them as they come to terms of their own powers and their own destinies.

Unravel Me is, without a doubt, Mafi’s most gripping work yet. Mafi was able to keep yet outdid her style and skill in Unravel Me thus making it a stronger sequel than its powerful debut. She ambushed me with scenes both alluring and intoxicating, gunned me with words both beautiful and unforgettable, and bruised me with revelations both intensifying and shocking. Tahereh Mafi’s style of telling a story is just addictive, irresistible and at times magical. What makes it so are not just the harrowing story and the unique way she writes but by the way her characters are manipulated and prejudiced by love.

With the surprising turn of events in Unravel Me, I suppose Tahereh Mafi has something more in her sleeves and that I can’t wait to know. I’m just appalled that one day, Mafi will come out holding out the ending to my world to this series, only to taunt and to torture to amaze and to surprise me once again.
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