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Farsighted - Emlyn Chand I didn’t really have the idea on how the book will came out to be. First, the story was written from a male standpoint. Second, he was blind. As a male reader, reading this book from a male point of view definitely drew me in but I didn’t know what to expect as the main character’s blind. However, Farsighted gave me the most intriguing read ever and only then I realized I was caught up with the whole story.

What I truly loved a lot about Farsighted is I got to experience the blind world. I got see what he saw. I got to feel what he felt. I got to hear what he heard. It’s really very, very unique and refreshing plus the added elements of psychic powers and other incredible abilities were enough for me to love Farsighted. Being blind was hard and perhaps writing it was definitely hard but Chand pulled it off as she crafted a story so vivid—even when you close your eyes. She greatly portrayed the story of a psychic blind person with complexity and persistence.

Hearing a male’s voice was definitely refreshing. It had been five years since I’ve read again from a male’s voice. Alex proved to everyone that despite his condition, he was solid and headstrong. Being blind was hard for him. He was bullied and made an outcast. But being blind, gave way to get attention from Simmi and Shapri. Aside from his parents, they were the only people in the world who became his close friends. Perhaps for Simmi, it’s much closer. Thus, Alex was as romantic as a normal guy could be. Chand created characters who I never thought would be my favorites. They were a bit bland in the beginning but the thoughts of blandness washed over as I notice the story gets exciting and engaging.

Chand relates everything to Greek mythology. The characters’ names, the relationship of Alex with his father, and the psychic powers. I also noticed that most of the story were Indian origin. Thus, Chand proves to be an author who can create a book with diversity of not only of culture but also of possibilities.

A story like this should definitely be on everyone’s shelves. I could really say that most of what other readers are looking for in a book definitely could be found in Farsighted. It’s a book of rarity and individuality. Emlyn Chand delivered a debut novel with so much to offer. Mystery, suspense, magic, and romance rolled into one great promising book.

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