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Breaking Point - Kristen Simmons All at once, Breaking Point stole my attention without even the tiniest doubts and care if this sequel surpassed or attained what the first book had given me. All I want is to devour it immediately and entirely with only one reason I always know since the beginning: to experience the cinematic and hyperventilating feeling all over again. And Breaking Point did not disappoint me at all.

Perfectly titled, Simmons ups the stakes and expands the world with the second installment to her brilliantly terrifying dystopian world making Breaking Point twice the wow its predecessor had given me. There’s never a dull moment in Breaking Point: tensions are higher, trepidations are all over the pages, and dangers are closer than ever. In other words, there’s no denying that I was in constant excitement every time I turned the pages.

But that excitement is not even enough to define everything about Breaking Point.

The characters of Ember and Chase are brought back to life with a more intriguing and more engrossing premise. There are more unexpected turn of events involve and more unpredictable developments as their characters hurtle through the core of an uprising. And as they come closer to it, secrets and lies slowly unmasks by each passing page as readers try to guess and weight between who the real allies are and who are not.

Despite the heavy and fast-paced plot, I love how Simmons beautifully brought the romantic plot slowly and steadily without losing the main objective of the story and also providing some touch of normality between all the action and cruelty. Unlike in Article 5, the integrated flashbacks now focus more of Ember and Chase’s love story with still few memories about Ember’s mother making the novel more upsettingly emotional.

Breaking Point is every dystopian reader’s dream—breathtaking, gripping, spectacular, cinematic—impossible to put down. From its first page to its very last page, Breaking Point is undeniably a roller coaster ride of action and adventure with danger, deceit, fear, grief, loss, love and survival at its core--only a dystopian like this series could give you such feelings and thoughts. It is without a doubt that Kristen Simmons has an undisputed talent in writing action-packed stories with a filmic attitude and style. Thereupon saying, I can sense a movie in the making.

But above anything else, I shall face the consequences of being a reader: the finale; the last; the conclusion; the ending to an amazing series you have grown to love. At the same time, I am prepared—prepared for whatever the cost will be.
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