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Uprising - Jessica Therrien Like a moth drawn into firelight, Uprising immediately pulled me in with nothing but the impulse to consume it. Like a moth drawn into firelight, I was not prepared for what I would encounter until it was too late before I discovered what Uprising did to me.

After my initial acquaintance and fascination to another reimagined world of Greek mythology, Therrien presents a more complex, more intense, and more gripping premise with the second installment of her Children of The Gods series. When I began to read the book, there was no need to be reintroduced to its setting or its characters. My mind completely plunged into the book until I didn't realize I was brought to a more chaotic side of its world. Despite its sometimes slow and steady pace, Uprising floods with different elements all happening at once: heart-stopping actions, shocking discoveries, and appalling scenes. I couldn't take my eyes off Uprising, not even for once.

Apart from the enthralling premise of Uprising, let’s not forget the sensational characters that brought this series with life. If Elyse was once a hermit who rather tucks herself inside her shell, this time, Elyse is presented as a stronger character as she accepts the responsibility to lead a rebellion and change the course of the future of the Descendants despite the struggles and circumstances she’s undergoing especially with her relationship with William. Kara, one of my favorite characters, just blew me away and I still want more of her especially with the new friend that female readers will swoon over. New characters both allies and enemies are introduced as well as they take out the best and worst in Elyse and William’s relationship and their individual lives while readers will try to weigh things out among those who has the best of intentions, those who are just playing along, and those who has the worst of intentions.

But what truly made this book remarkable is the romance. It is lovelier the second time around yet it’s not what it seems to be at first. The romance was powerfully and affectingly delivered not until Therrien dramatically tossed in an unforeseen climax which I really believe will crush anyone’s heart. Mind you, this is only one of the heartbreaking moments in Uprising. Readers should prepare themselves for this book. Expect not only action-packed scenes but expect tons of emotional and heartbreaking scenes as well throughout the book. Therrien definitely knows how to play with her reader’s emotions.

In this much awaited second installment to the Children of The Gods series, Uprising will pull readers into a world that now crackles with flaming defiance, where stakes are higher, and the dangers are closer than ever. It explodes with an uprising of different emotions and thoughts that an author like Jessica Therrien could give. If you loved Oppression, you will love Uprising more. Hence, readers will be clamoring for more just as I am.
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