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Provex City (The Lorne Family Vault, #1) - Michael  Pierce Family problems, love triangle, school drama, sibling rivalry. These are just themes that I find cliches and sometimes redundant in a Young Adult novel or better yet, in a teenager’s life; but in Provex City, I found them amusing, alive, and true.

What really drew me into this book were the characters. I truly could relate to them—especially that the point of view of this book was coming from a male. The story didn’t feel like fiction. As I’ve said, it felt real and true. Oliver was real. His friends—and girlfriends and enemies and frenemies—were real. His actions, decisions, and dilemmas were real. Sometimes, it felt like my story instead of Oliver’s.

However, there is more in Provex City than meets the eye.

Pierce also brought in magic into this book, literally. He brought in a magical world into the story. He brought in the magical properties of mystery and suspense which definitely helped with the growth of the story and the characters. Let’s not forget the magic of romance—a proven and tested formula that could hook a reader at once, which Provex City did to me.

Pierce was also clever to uncommonly combine the contemporary genre with fantasy, paranormal and science fiction genres—the best I’ve read so far.

I was never bored of this book. There is a lot happening in this book all at once. Sometimes, the unexpected ones come and you’ll just be amaze by them. Incredibly, I still couldn’t ponder how captivated I am with this book especially that the last three chapters gave me a blast—and yet again, literally.

Like me, readers will be guessing, guessing and guessing until they finish Provex City looking forward for more. Provex City is a very wonderful start for a new fantasy series which I guess there’ll be more moments of surprises, more indelible moments of love, and more of the City of Provex.

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