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The Hunger Games - Suzanne  Collins I couldn't say anything after reading this book. My mind was totally trapped inside this harrowing thought of the future. Why have I not read this the moment it came out? Or while it is still the talk of town? And now I'm begging for more. I know that you're wondering why I'm still telling you my thoughts about this book. Well, I just thought that you want to know my opinions on Hunger Games especially, that we're all expecting it to be in the big screen. And I think my review is just in time for the movie.

I actually found this book absolutely extraordinary. Its plot is so amazing. I really like reading a book when it has lots and lots of twists. And the characters were all well-thought especially Katniss, who was an almost perfect heroine. She was fearless, caring, and loving. She was easy to relate, though not the female side, but how she deal with her life's situation particularly when she joined the horrific Hunger Games in exchange for her sister's life. She had to battle herself out to survive and go back home and believe again that everything will be normal.

Another thing that made me love this book was the setting, the entire world of Hunger Games so to speak. Collins really was a natural. She made me believe that it was all real. From the quirky fashion of the Capitol to the unbelievable skills of the Tributes.

All in all, I couldn't put it down. I'm thinking that even my review couldn't give justice to this book. Amazing or brilliant are not enough words to describe this book. It's one of the addictive books I've read so far. I have no more words to tell.

Suzanne Collins is such a brilliant, exceptional author. She weave a book with such force that made my heart pumped out more blood more than ever. A phenomenal fiery tale of drama, suspense, and romance. It's this story I'll never forget.

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