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Catching Fire - Suzanne  Collins I really didn't have any idea, even the slightest idea how this book came out to be. I didn't know how the story would go on. I was clueless of everything. When I finished The Hunger Games, I immediately devoured Catching Fire while the scenes on the first book were still fresh. After finishing the second book, I was on delirium! What an addictive read this was! Definitely extraordinary! More than extraordinary if there is such thing! Suzanne Collins did it again. Another yet riveting follow-up to The Hunger Games.

I believed that the plot was the best thing that happened to this book. There were so many twists that had me turning the pages. Everything were like on fire. The characters were so much better. New characters emerged. Dangers were far more worse. I couldn't imagine how Collins put these all in her head. Those were almost too real for me. I will never, ever forget this book.

More traps, more bloods, more emotions. This second installment just left me breathless. I believed that no words could really define the beauty of this book. Suzanne Collins is the pure master storyteller.

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