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Shatter Me - Tahereh Mafi I immediately and excitedly read this one, leaving my to-be-read books on my shelves. I didn’t even try to turn my head back or gave the slightest glance on the other books as my eyes had immersed to Juliette’s world. I was completely drawn by Juliette since the beginning of the first chapter. Listening to her voice was quite mesmerizing. I kept falling for her words. Mafi had created a character who had the most original voice. She made me think that she wasn’t the author of this book and this was Juliette’s. And that was one good point in this book. Mafi really made me love Juliette, care for her, cry for her, and just wanted to help her.

I too love the other characters in this book. The villain, I would say, was the best. Mafi made an antagonist who wishes to be loved back by the protagonist. One thing which is not so common in most books. And I liked the concept. Though, Mafi had written characters with such mysterious aspects on their personality. I hope in the next books, she gave more emphasis on their characteristics.

Another good point is the romance. Mafi knows how to bring her audience to one sizzling, hot drive. When Adam and Juliette are together, all the metals in the world could melt with their undying love with each other. Mafi did gave me questions that need immediate answers. Cliff-hangers could ruin a good book like this but Mafi left me wanting for more of Juliette, her world, and her touch.

Overall, this book really did shattered me but not quite the book I’m longing for; yet, this book was amazing, incredible, brilliant, and sexy. All the good adjectives good fit this one! A completely perfect mix of dystopia, paranormal, and romance. Tahereh Mafi is an author to look up to and to watch for.

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