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Oppression - Jessica Therrien I never thought that this book would be so fantastic. As a huge fan of Greek and Roman mythologies, I didn’t have a hard time understanding Oppression. I think this book was blessed with Aphrodite’s beauty because I was completely in awe of it.

Oppression was immediate and easy to love. It was both compelling and fascinating. It was both mythic and exciting. There are so many good points in Oppression that I really could pinpoint. I loved the idea that the gods and goddesses weren’t literally gods but human in nature yet inherited incredible abilities. Plus the idea of a brewing war between the Descendants and the higher Descendants definitely showed that this story has so much to tell in the following books. Therrien’s great mixture of myth and dystopian definitely won me.

Therrien created as well a fresh batch of mythic characters. I loved Elyse’s character so much. For all of her life, she felt she was different. All she’d done was run and hide because of what she thought was an abnormality in her. I really felt her pain and anxiety when she had to avoid people. I felt her fear, loneliness, and sadness. But thanks to William, everything in Elyse’s life changed. And that’s when I found out that Elyse and William’s romance really caught me. I adored William too. He wasn’t the kind of guy you have to hate first before falling on him. I could really feel his love for Elyse. He was the kind of guy where you feel secured and cared.

Another character that I fell in love with was Kara. I loved her personality as being strong-willed. Kara was really one of the intriguing characters in the story. I wanted to see more of her, more of her incredible power, and definitely more of her story.

Oppression is a very good start for a beautifully weaved series. It left me wanting more. If you want a story with a handful of Greek mythology, a dash of infectious classic romance, and a cup of brewing war then Oppression is definitely for you.

Jessica Therrien is a debut author that could blow you away. She forged an outstanding, refreshing tale that could top every favorite books in the mainstream publishing.

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