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Untamed City: Carnival of Secrets - Melissa Marr Check out Mr. Book Wonder for more book reviews.

The instant the book landed on my hands, I was certain I would love it. And the instant I finished it, I didn’t just love it, I was rendered speechless.

In this latest imagination from Melissa Marr, she created one of the most macabre and horrifying fantasy books I’ve ever read. Even before you open the book to it’s first page, the front cover is just strikingly alluring that both curiosity and horror creeps into you. But Carnival of Souls isn’t just a daunting world that you would want to run from. As you get inside the book, expect magic, romance and lighthearted talks as well which Marr expertly weaved along with it’s dark-filled and chaotic atmosphere. It may seem ironic but it made Carnival of Souls more edgy, engaging, and exciting.

Along with the opulent story elements Marr perfectly matched, the wealth of admiring yet dangerous characters she introduced were huge foundations of the story. Readers will vie for their favorite characters that includes the naive, obedient Mallory; the beautiful, dangerous Kaleb; the brave, merciless Aya; and the quiet, romantic Belias plus supporting characters that you would want to know and love. Each one of them stood out evenly as they come to terms of their own secrets and struggles—and star-crossed romances. I even had a hard time choosing a favorite character. In fact, I am breathless in anticipation of what will happen next to these characters.

Indulge yourself in this dangerously exhilarating and delightfully enchanting new world of daimons and witches, of violence and order, of magic and love. Carnival of Souls is one of a kind that you would want to live inside of it even with its damned world. You don’t want to miss anything from Carnival of Souls.